John Galliano thrones himself to king and plays with image and character. Look at his amazing web page, one of the most interesting I have found til now! Pss: noisy page...
This site is in norwegian, but the price for NOT answering correct is a road trip with rafting, sailing, whale safari, festivals and a whole bunch of other stuff! Pss: noisy page..
Picture 06/12/2010
Love this song.. Trentemøller is a danish musician. He has given out three albums: The last resort (2oo6), the trentemøller chronicles (2007) and into the great wide yonder (2010)
Kanye west 06/12/2010
Another blog that deserves a little attention is that of Kanye west. I was just a LITTLE sceptical to him as a blogger, but check him out, its definetely worth it.
Blondinbella 06/12/2010
To read about Isabella Lövengrip or "blondinbella" which is her blog name is pretty interesting. From being a 14 year old party girl blogging about her life, to owning her own club and then get tired of it, still in her teens. In the meanwhile she became a millionaire on blogging. Interesting phenomena..
The book of Eli 06/12/2010

Armani promotion 06/12/2010

The movie is the first in a swedish trilogy, full of action and intense scenes. Love it. No wonder they want to make an american version of the same. The swedish title is "men who hates women" and well, it might sound a little better in its original language.